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自己流 - JIKORYU - 日本製 6mm 手刺風格子針刺護具套

$3,500.00 $2,400.00
(You save $1,100.00)




2014年11月份, 竹之內裕也在全日本劍道大賽上成為歷史上最年少的冠軍. 從3歲時就開始練劍道, 經過多年的鍛鍊與練習他在各種公開賽中獲得了好成績. 此後他不僅獲得了全日本的代名詞, 還成為了第16屆劍道世界大賽的日本代表選手. 為了紀念這個此事我們全日本武道具給竹之內裕也選手特別設計了一套限定版的MJUGEN系列護具套. 現在我們很自豪的向您介紹此套護具套. ”自己流” 是竹之內選手給我們跟簽字一起寫下的他的座右銘. 我們為了此套特別護具採用了此名  ”自己流 - JIKORYU - ”. 現在我們在此向您特別推荐!


This video features All Japan Champion Yuya Takenouchi and his meeting with The Kendogu Workshop of Japan Co.,Ltd. (Japanese only)



Men : 1,340g

Kote : 450g

Do : 1,450g

Tare : 635g

總重量 : 3,875g

JIKORYU offers a fully made to order, made in Japan option for those looking for a premium quality Bogu set, that is suitable for literally all occasions. Utilizing the very best quality materials, JIKORYU is soft and flexible, lightweight, and extremely durable. Unique to the JIKORYU is the implementation of both a new Futon construction, and also stitching method. Not only does JIKORYU feature diagonal Koushizashi stitching on the Mendare, to give extra comfort, the overall 6mm Fine-Koushizashi stitching - equivalent to around 2.0 bu in traditional terms - gives excellent flexibility, and at the same time optimum durability. Fine-Koushizashi is when the stitches are applied in a grid-pattern, as with regular Koushizashi, but the space between the stitches is reduced to 2mm. This may seem counter-intuitive in an age of longer stitches, providing more flexibility and comfort, however, thanks to the newly designed super-soft Futon, these short stitches provide the extra bit of rigidity needed in order to give the ability to shape the Bogu perfectly - without sacrificing comfort. Further, the shorter stitch length gives improved durability, making JIKORYU the most durable Bogu set from the Kendogu Workshop of Japan Co., Ltd. to date. Finally, the diagonal cut applied to the Mendare, and the Tare panels add to the sharp, yet dignified overall appearance. 

mengane1.jpg csc-0595.jpg mengane2.jpg

The JIKORYU Men is completely made to order to your exact sizes, using high quality Shoai-zome cotton, and top-grade genuine 'Aizome' deerskin for the reinforcements. The design is simplistic overall, and features diagonal 'Koushi-Nanamezashi' stitching on the Mendare, for excellent comfort, as well as accurate shaping. The MUGEN Original Mengane is an originally designed Mengane, featuring an improved balance, giving improved lateral vision, and has reinforced Titanium bars in the strike zone. This gives the optimum balance of being lightweight, and also extremely strong. Further, the Mengane is coated with an original high-gloss coating, which strengthens the surface, preventing chips, cracks and dents. Finally the MUGEN Original Mengane is finished with matte grey on the inside, giving a cool and discreet outlook.

dsc-0022.jpg  dsc-0020.jpg

Utilizing our original 'Infinity Grip' technology, JIKORYU Kote present the culmination of generations of expertise in crafting premium Kendo equipment. The JIKORYU Kote are made, not only to your EXACT sizes and specifications, but they are made to – what we believe – to be the optimum design, allowing an unparalleled level of comfort, and ease of use. The full Orizashi design makes the Kote lightweight, and quick drying. Ultra soft bleached white deerskin palms are used, allowing for extreme comfort, and an accurate feel of the Shinai.  Further, the 6mm Koushizashi stitching gives excellent protection, and unbeatable durability.

Learn more about Infinity Grip technology here.


As with the other parts, the JIKORYU Tare is reinforced using genuine Japanese ‘Aizome’ dyed Orizashi #10,000 cotton, top-grade genuine ‘Aizome’ deerskin. Further, advancements have been made to the Mae-Obi, which now also features a diagonal cut at the side, helping the Tare sit in a visually pleasing manner when worn.


此套MUGEN自己流-JIKORYU-款是免費配套了60本竹胴. 請在胴台的選項中任選一款自己流的一款竹胴.




宮崎縣 日本劍道製作所

提醒 – MUGEN系列護具是訂製型護具. 為了保證一定的產品品質需要 10 至 12 週左右的製作時間.敬請理解!

Required Measurements 





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